HCBB Soler and Palau (S&P) Plate Axial Flow Fan


Manufactured by S&P (Soler and Palau) founded in Spain in 1951 by the engineers Eduard Soler and Josep Palau, this range of plate axials is one of the the best performing on the market. Note, although previously badged up by Vent Axia in the UK the drill holes and overall plate size are different to the current range of Vent-Axia and Systemair fans. It is also widely used in the agricultural industry with a different coloured impellor.

Single phase motor
250 – 630 Dia held in stock
All models are supplied with pre-wired wiring junction box located on the outside of the fan casing for easy wiring access.
All models have an aluminium impellor
All motors are speed controllable by autotransformer except models /4 – 630
Working temperatures from ‑40ºC up to +70ºC.

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